Dr. Jordan Gliklich


Dr. Jordan Gliklich
Dr. Jordan Gliklich Veterinarian

Hi! I’m Dr. Jordy and I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in spring 2023. I’m really excited to be starting my career as a veterinarian at Front Street Animal Hospital. Growing up I always had a love for animals and wanted to be a vet since I can remember. I’ve lived in North York my whole life but wanted to move downtown after graduating so Front Street was the perfect place for me!

My professional interests include dog and cat internal medicine, surgery, and dermatology. A goal of mine is to make each vet visit as positive of an experience as possible for all my patients, especially when they are puppies and kittens.

Aside from work I spend a lot of time cooking, playing or watching hockey, and spending time with my cat Mickie and my dog Jagger.