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Euthanasia Services for Pets

Providing compassionate care during a difficult time.

Saying goodbye to your loyal companion is a difficult process. No pet parent can ever prepare for this moment. With our experienced vets and staff by your side, we work to make this stage of your journey less difficult. We take care of everything as you prepare for the final moments with your beloved companion.

How do I know when it is time to say goodbye?

There is no right time to say goodbye to your pet. Especially if your pet seems good one day and bad the next, it can be difficult to understand how their quality of life is being impacted. Though the final decision is always yours, our veterinary team can provide insight into your pet’s health to support your decision-making. We’ll help you consider if your pet: 

  • Experiences chronic pain that can’t be alleviated with medication 
  • Has stopped eating and/or has lost weight 
  • Chronically vomits and has uncontrollable diarrhea 
  • Has stopped being active
  • No longer stands or walks on their own 

How can I make my pet's last few days special?

One way to make your pet's last days special is to do all the activities and experiences that your pet loves. Find ways to cherish your memories. That could mean taking pictures, celebrating your pet’s life, or simply snuggling up and spending time together.

How does euthanasia work?

The process involves one sedative and one injection, which contains an overdose of seizure medication. The veterinarian administers the sedative first, which makes your pet unconscious, followed by the second medication, which causes the vital organs to shut down within minutes. You will have the option to be with your pet during the process, to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. It’s also helpful to bring your pet's favourite objects/toys from home that could bring them some comfort.

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