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Heartworm Testing for Pets

Early detection of heartworm is key to ensuring your pet's health.

Did you know pets with heartworm show almost no symptoms, if any, early on? Symptoms such as rapid breathing and coughing only appear as the disease progresses. This is why we recommend regularly testing your pet for heartworms. All it requires is a small blood sample to test for the presence of heartworm proteins. This simple test can help your pet avoid heartworms that can cause deadly infections. If your pet hasn't had a heartworm test in some time, call us and book an appointment at (416) 351-1212.

What are the symptoms of heartworm disease?

Typical signs in cats and dogs include mild persistent cough, tiredness, and fatigue after moderate activity, complete reluctance to exercise, and appetite and weight loss.

Can cats be affected by heartworms?

Although dogs are more susceptible to heartworm infections, cats can also be affected by heartworms. The presence of just a few heartworms can mean heavy infestation. Even though infections in cats are less common, heartworm testing is critical because heartworm medication doesn't work on cats, making prevention very important.

Is heartworm disease in dogs treatable?

Most heartworm infections can be successfully treated in dogs. Through injectable medications, vets can stabilize a patient's condition and kill all the worms infesting the pet.

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