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Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Helping you choose the best foods for your pet's dietary needs.

Nutrition is essential for healthy pets. When they are young, they need the proper nutrients to grow. As an adult, diet is important to maintain a healthy weight and provide enough energy. As animals age, their nutritional needs change, so they need to be switched to a good senior diet to meet those needs. Special diets are also available to help pets with certain diseases and conditions. The best way to ensure your pet's nutritional needs are met is to discuss their diet and eating habits with our friendly staff at every visit. To meet with a vet and discuss your pet's nutrition, call us at (416) 351-1212.

What are the benefits of maintaining good nutrition in pets? 

Maintaining good nutrition helps your pet stay healthy and lead a longer life. It comes with several other benefits, such as building and maintaining muscle tone and strength, improving immunity and preventing diseases, a shiny hair coat, good skin and gut health, and improving digestion and elimination.

What food should I avoid feeding my pet?

Sharing food can be an instinct when your pet looks at you adoringly. However, some foods made for humans can cause serious harm to your pet. Some food items you should refrain from feeding your pet include raw meat and eggs, onions, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, raisins, grapes, and dairy products such as milk.

What is the most beneficial food for cats and dogs?

The most essential nutrient for dogs and cats is protein. Any protein-rich foods - like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish - are good sources of fulfilling your pet's daily protein needs. It is important to also include carbohydrates and fats in their daily intake to make it a well-balanced diet.

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