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Vaccines for Kittens & Cats

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Our goal is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Vaccinating your pet is one of the best ways to do this. We always recommend vaccinating your pet with the core vaccinations. Depending on their lifestyle, we may recommend other vaccinations as well.

What are core vaccines?

Core vaccines are vaccines all cats must receive irrespective of geographical location or circumstances, as these life-threatening diseases have a global presence. For cats, core vaccines include Feline panleukopenia (FPL), also known as feline infectious enteritis or feline distemper, caused by the FPL virus or feline parvovirus (FPLV).

When should a kitten receive their first vaccine?

Kittens should receive their first vaccinations when they are about 6 to 8-weeks-old. They keep receiving vaccines 3 to 4 weeks apart until they are 16-weeks-old. These first few doses that a kitten receives are usually the core vaccines.

What is the cost of the feline distemper vaccine?

To know about the costs of vaccines and our services, feel free to contact us at (416) 351-1212, and our staff would be happy to help you with your queries.

Is vaccination necessary for indoor cats?

Yes. Indoor cats are still at risk of catching viruses from insects and other animals. Some parasites can live indoors, especially during the cold months. It’s even possible that humans can bring parasites into the home.

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