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Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

At Front Street Animal Hospital, we truly believe that prevention is the best medicine. Regular veterinary exams are preventative care that we highly recommend for all pets. Our veterinarians are trained to diagnose conditions early before your pet becomes seriously ill. We may recommend bloodwork to further evaluate your pet's overall health. Veterinary exams are also an excellent time to discuss anything from diet to training. If your pet is due for an examination, call us at (416) 351-1212 to book an appointment.

What happens at a veterinary exam?

Veterinary exams are vital for a pet's overall health because it allows veterinarians to do a thorough checkup and evaluate their general condition. At an exam, a vet assesses your pet's eyes, ears, mouth, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, muscles, and joints. They check and look for signs and symptoms of diseases and disorders. After the physical exam, they might recommend additional exams like bloodwork or stool testing to detect other issues before they become serious.

We will make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and also make sure you have enough heartworm and flea and tick medications. We may also talk about routine deworming and other preventative medicine you need to know about.

Why are additional tests recommended?

Pets are often great at hiding signs of illness, especially cats. Symptoms are often visible once the disease has already progressed. While a physical exam might hint at underlying diseases, additional diagnostic tests can confirm the existence of such diseases or help uncover other underlying conditions that need attention and treatment.

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