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Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Diabetes mellitus, arthritis, urinary problems, heart disease, pancreatitis… the list goes on. These are the medical conditions your pet can be affected by when they are obese. Obesity is a concerning medical condition that raises several other concerns, as mentioned here. To combat obesity, we offer weight management consultations with our veterinarians, who can help your pet shed the extra pounds. Call us at (416) 351-1212 to book an appointment.

What happens at a weight management consultation?

At a consultation, you meet with our veterinarians who specialize in Weight Management and Nutritional Counselling. The consultation involves a weigh-in, a discussion about suitable diets for your pet, and setting a target weight and timeline to reach this goal. We also set up a monthly progress appointment to reassess how the weight loss regime is going. We record your pet's weight at every appointment and discuss the progress with you. Based on the results, we recommend changes to the plan if needed. You can feel free to ask us about weight differences over time and ask any questions or discuss your concerns at these consultations.

What is a healthy amount of weight loss?

Weight loss has to happen at a gradual pace with mediated steps. A healthy rate of weight loss for your pet is losing about 1 to 2% of their total weight per week. Our staff will help you determine what that means for your pet during each consultation.

Is overfeeding the leading cause of obesity in dogs and cats?

Overfeeding has been pointed out as being a leading cause of obesity in pets. While it is the number one cause, it is not the only cause that leads to obesity. Another close second is lack of exercise. Other factors that cause obesity include genetic defects, hyperthyroidism, and some medications.

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